Simulation and Data Labs - SDLs

A cooperation of TU Darmstadt
and RWTH Aachen University

Four SDLs are established in NHR4CES.

SDLs and CSGs provide concepts and materials for training, for on-site as well as remote educational offerings. The SDLs address thematically focused application scenarios and the further development of the associated simulation codes or support tools. SDLs form a bridge between the HPC infrastructure and a specific scientific research areas. Four SDLs are established in NHR4CES:

SDL Energy Conversion

aims to enable computationally efficient simulations of real-scale combustion devices by developing HPC-ready rCFD software and methods by a co-design process.

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SDL Fluids

advances the use of HPC to enable highly resolved and sophisticated CFD applications.

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SDL Materials Design

provides the best tools for the analysis and visualization of computed 3D particle configurations.

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SDL Digital Patient

develops model-based medical applications, ranging from molecular modeling of disease mechanisms up to patient scale system medicine models.

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