Cross-Sectional Groups - CSGs

A cooperation of TU Darmstadt
and RWTH Aachen University

Four CSGs are established in NHR4CES.

CSGs and SDLs provide concepts and materials for training, for on-site as well as remote educational offerings. The CSGs bundle methodological activities that are important for all users of high-performance computers. The following four CSGs are established in NHR4CES:

CSG Data Management

connects NHR4CES with the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)initiatives and supports users at the interface to HPC and emerging solutions for distributed research data management.

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CSG Data Science and Machine Learning

provides methodological support across application domains and guidance to make HPC and data infrastructure better suited for new tasks.

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CSG Parallelism and Performance

supports performance engineering, in particular performance management, modeling, optimization, and parallel programming.

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CSG Visualization

develops solutions for interactive (optionally immersive) visualization of scientific datasets.

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Here you can also find info about our Simulation and Data Labs!