25. September 2023

Prof. Kashiyama visits AixCave and meets NHR4CES researchers

Exchange with the international community is an ongoing pursuit within NHR4CES. During his two-week-stay at RWTH Aachen University, in the context of the School for Simulation and Data Science (SSD) seminar, Prof. Kazuo Kashiyama from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan, visited the Virtual Reality AixCAVE at IT Center RWTH Aachen accompanied by our NHR4CES researchers Tim Gerrits and Frieder Milke from CSG Visualization and Marek Behr from SDL Fluids. This visit aimed to foster potential synergies between CSG Visualization, SDL Fluids, and Chuo University.

Prof. Behr and Prof. Kashiyama share a longstanding collaboration of more than two decades, maintaining frequent exchange regarding research topics. The visit to AixCave was initiated by Prof. Behr, capitalizing on the newfound connections facilitated by the NHR4CES network.

Our NHR4CES members showcased several projects spanning from immersive visualization and analysis of environmental flow data to applications that show how intricate sound simulations can be embedded in VR environments. Since Prof. Kashiyama is renowned for his expertise in Built and Lived Environments (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Disaster Prevention) and the potential of XR (VR, AR, MR) applications in that context, these presentations were of special interest to him. The ensuing discussion delved deep into technical details of our setup, fostering an exchange of insights on the different technologies used in Aachen and Tokyo. Moreover, current research topics with potential for mutual benefits were explored.

The AixCAVE is a unique research environment that provides distinct benefits and properties over conventional immersive displays such as head-mounted-displays (HMDs) or power wall installations. This allowed us to share valuable insights gained from the experiences within the AixCAVE, as Prof. Kashiyama plays a pivotal role in the technical development of immersive solutions in Tokyo, making this exchange all the more meaningful.

Further, the endeavor to bring immersive visualization, particularly scientific visualization approaches, into such environments remains an active research area, which the CSG Visualization focuses on within the NHR4CES context, providing valuable expertise to potential developments planned by Prof. Kashiyama. He expressed his gratitude for the time, the enriching exchange, and the wealth of technical details shared during his visit. He extended a warm invitation for our members to visit his laboratory in Tokyo, an invitation that holds the promise of future collaborations. This visit was a first contact, identifying numerous shared interests, laying the groundwork for potential collaborative ventures.In addition to these exciting prospects, the visit offered a platform for the SDL Fluids and CSG Visualization to discuss the progress of their current collaborations. Both groups are in ongoing dialogue about consultations for specific visualization-related questions. Further, both groups are working together to provide new tools for immersive visualizations for fluid data, which is an ongoing project.

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Prof. Kazuo Kashiyama visiting the Virtual Reality AixCAVE at IT Center RWTH Aachen accompanied by our NHR4CES researchers Tim Gerrits and Frieder Milke

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