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Jan Frieder Milke

RWTH Aachen University



In 2021, Frieder acquired his bachelor’s degree at RWTH Aachen in Computer Science.

During this time, he specialized in real-time rendering, visual processing and visualization.

Since 2022, he works as a software developer for the Cross-Sectional Group Visualization within NHR4CES and the Visualization Group at RWTH Aachen.

Thematic Advice

The size and complexity of data grows alongside with the steady advance in raw compute power. To enable human understanding, visual exploration is an invaluable tool which happens in a heterogenous environment across all domains. As such, custom solutions need to be found and employed correctly for each task separately.

Frieder can offer experience in identifying the correct methodology and its implementation for C/C++ projects offering immersive visualization.

Professional Competence

Frieder’s focus lies in the application of state-of-the-art techniques in Scientific Visualization to develop immersive and interactive solutions. This incorporates a profound knowledge of the applied methodologies and a trained skillset in developing applications based on C/C++ and Unreal Engine which leverage todays available compute power.

In the context of high-performance computing, the goal is to develop large-scale immersive visualizations which benefit from parallel algorithms and compute clusters to allow a deep understanding of the available data.