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Julian Thull

RWTH Aachen University, Insitute of Imaging & Computer Vision


RWTH Aachen University
Insitute of Imaging & Computer Vision
Kopernikusstraße 16
52074 Aachen


Julian holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen Univer-sity. Since 2022 he works at the RWTH Institute of Imaging and Computer Vision, pursuing his PhD in the field of biomedical image processing under supervision of Prof. Dorit Merhof.

Thematic Advice

The manual processing of medical image data by field experts is highly time and labour in-tensive. Automatic processing pipelines based on recent advances in the field of computer vision can help alleviate this, yet usually come at the expense of lower accuracy compared to the human standard and non-interpretability of a model‘s behaviour.

Due to this the domain adaption and development of new specialized computer vision algo-rithms by means of exploiting prior domain knowledge is one of the key steps towards real-world application scenarios in the medical domain.

Professional Competence

Julian’s main research focus lies on the development of new computer vision algorithms. In this context he deals with problems that arise in their application in the domain of haemato-poietic image data – microscopy images of blood cells obtained from the human bone mar-row. He also works on visualizing lower-dimensional representations for the purpose of in-terpreting and guiding the learning process of neural networks in meaningful ways.