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Jonas Seng

TU Darmstadt, Computer Science


TU Darmstadt
Machine Learning Group
Computer Science Department
Hochschulstr. 1
64289 Darmstadt
LinkedIn Twitter: @jonas_seng


Jonas Seng holds a Bachelor degree of Computer Science from the DHBW Mannheim and a Master degree from the TU Darmstadt, Germany. In 2021 he started a PhD at TU Darmstadt in the AIML-Group, working on AutoML. In the same year he joined NHR4CES in the CSG Data Science & Machine Learning.

Thematic Advice

More and more data is being produced every day in economic and research-driven environments. Thus Machine Learning (ML) techniques are on the rise in order to analyze such data and to build predictive models, recognizing patterns that could not be discovered by humans. AutoML is the next logical step in this development, enabling even non-experts to use sophisticated ML-tools to deal with their data at hand.

Jonas can offer experience in building new Machine Learning solutions which fit the needs of domain-experts and tries to establish AutoML-methods to allow domain-experts to use ML-tools without the need of a detailed understanding of ML.

Professional Competence

Jonas‘ focus lies in AutoML, an upcoming research field aiming to provide end-to-end ML-solutions that automatically solve ML-problems of domain-experts. His research interests within AutoML lie in Hyperparameter Optimization, Neural Architecture Search and Explainability of such methods.
In the context of HPC, his goal is to build scalable and explainable AutoML-methods that can be used to e.g. enable parallel and federated Hyperparameter Optimization allowing insights into the optimization process, thus making it interpretable.