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Felipe González

RWTH Aachen University, Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems


Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems

Schinkelstraße 2
52062 Aachen



Felipe holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Mechanical Engineering obtained at the University of Santiago of Chile (Usach). Since 2019, Felipe is a PhD student at the Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems (CATS) at RWTH Aachen, and since 2023, he is a member of the Simulation and Data Lab Fluids within the NHR4CES. His research focuses on developing numerical methods for Additive Manufacturing applications.

Thematic Advice

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has transformed the manufacturing industry by allowing the production of highly precise and customized parts. However, the complexity of the process can make the design and optimization challenging due to physics involved, such as thermofluid flow, phase change, and thermoplastic material behavior. By using CFD and HPC tools, numerical simulations can address these challenges during AM in a reasonable time.

Felipe can provide valuable insights and solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of AM simulations on HPC systems. These insights can help to identify potential issues and suggest improvements in the design and optimization of the process.

Professional Competence

The primary focus of Felipe’s work is the design of numerical methods that can resolve an extrusion-based additive manufacturing process. Specifically, his area of expertise lies in stabilized finite-element formulation, adaptive mesh techniques, moving-domain problems, interface-tracking methods, and free-surface flows.