CSG Data Science and Machine Learning presents

Machine Learning Consultancy Hour

Format: online

Short abstract:

Machine Learning (ML) methods are being used frequently in research these days. However, often non-experts in ML are faced with the problem of designing and building highly complex models and ML-environments to utilize useful features that ML brings. A high invest of time is needed to acquire the knowledge required to develop ML-models and the environment in which they can be deployed. To support researchers from fields other than ML, the CSG Data Science provides regular Consultancy Hours where researchers can pitch their specific ML-related problems to us. Based on the pitch our team will support the presenters afterwards in a consultative manner.


25.01.2024, 4.00 pm
29.02.2024, 4.00 pm
29.02.2024, 4.00 pm
28.03.2024, 4.00 pm
25.04.2024, 4.00 pm
27.06.2024, 4.00 pm
25.07.2024, 4.00 pm
29.08.2024, 4.00 pm
26.09.2024, 4.00 pm
31.10.2024, 4.00 pm

28.11.2024, 4.00 pm

Contact person

Jonas Seng

TU Darmstadt