NHR4CES Community Workshop

We at the National High Performance Computing Center for Computational Engineering Science (NHR4CES) are happy to announce the first:
NHR4CES Community Workshop:
The Role of High-Performance Computing in Computational Engineering Science
June 20, 1:45 pm – 5.45 pm and June 21, 2022
, 8.45 am – 12.45 pm

With this, we hope to connect with our research community, encourage exchange, strengthen our network and create new connections.
During this two-day online workshop, participants have the opportunity to learn about the importance of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in various fields of Computational Engineering Science.
The event will comprise presentations by distinguished researchers from different domains and participants are invited to get involved in subsequent panel discussions.
The sessions cover topics from Computational Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Combustion, Material Science and Medical Science as well as Parallelism and Performance, Data Science & Machine Learning, Data Management, and Visualization.

The Workshop is aimed toward researchers who are already an active part or are planning to be part of these research communities as well everybody interested in collaborations or information on the available HPC resources and services offered by NHR4CES

We will keep you up to date here with information about the schedule and registration.