19. April 2024

Congratulations! Another ERC Advanced Grant Success for researchers on NHR4CES high-performance computers

Christian Hasse and Heinz Pitsch are Principal Investigators in the NHR4CES Simulation and Data Lab on Energy Conversion. Both rely intensely on NHR4CES clusters for their research. After Pitsch’s Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), Europe’s premier research funding body, in 2022, Hasse has now also been awarded this prestigious grant.

Hasse’s research project A-STEAM at TU Darmstadt is investigating the use of aluminium as an alternative energy carrier. The core element of the research in A-STEAM will be high-resolution simulations on high-performance computers using advanced numerical methods. Most of the simulations will be carried out on the “Lichtenberg II” cluster at TU Darmstadt. Read more.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Christian Hasse (© Patrick Bal / TU Darmstadt)