30. October 2023

NHR4CES Team Event 2023

On October 18 and 19, our third NHR4CES team event in presence took place: This time we met in Aachen in an extraordinary location, embedded in an industrial scenery, which has a unique character.

Teamevent 2023
Teamevent 2023

To start off the first day, Director Prof. Dr. Matthias Müller gave updates on recent developments in NHR, and reported on the NHR Conferences 2023 and 2024, the current NHR projects and the NHR Graduate School. The subsequent presentation by Adrain Tate, CEO of NAG and member of the Mentoring Board in NHR4CES, addressed our scientific staff by highlighting relevant soft skills for scientists in their further professional career.

On both days, the Simulation and Data Labs and the Cross-Sectional Groups of NHR4CES presented their scientific work, and looked at it critically by sharing lessons learned. They explained what went particularly well and what could be improved ‒ for example, a particular support activity that developed into a scientific collaboration or a workshop where they learned a lot as organizers. What could other groups learn from this?

During the poster session that followed, groups gave an overview of current scientific projects and explained their activities. At the subsequent group meetings, the staff had time to discuss internal group topics. They also reviewed their activities in the context of the progress of the NHR4CES project: Which goals have been accomplished so far or what still needs to be worked on? The Infrastructure and Operations Group seized the opportunity for an in-depth exchange of ideas and strategies.

A relaxed atmosphere, good food and interesting conversations completed this third team event of NHR4CES that had been held in presence. It was a display of our commitment to advancing research, fostering collaboration, and supporting innovation within the HPC and NHR community.

Copyright: Dirk Moritz