CSG Data Science and Machine Learning presents

Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Date: 9.11.2023 -10.11.2023 (9 am -13 pm); Format: online

Short abstract: Not only in economics Machine- and Deep-Learning (ML/DL) are inherently used to solve highly complex problems in a data-driven way, but also the scientific community has many use-cases in which ML/DL are useful, e.g. to discover hidden patterns or replace computationally heavy simulations with data-driven  approaches. The participants will learn how to design ML-models by themselves and will learn about possible pitfalls when applying ML in the real  world.

Language: English

Capacity: 300

Further information: Laptop and stable internet connection

Materials: (optional)(e.g. GIT-link)

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Contact person

Jonas Seng

TU Darmstadt