Operations NHR4CES presents

Introduction to interactive HPC with JupyterHub at the RWTH

Date: November 15, 2023, Format: Online via ZOOM

Short abstract:

The HPC JupyterHub service at the RWTH allows all eligible users of the RWTH Compute Cluster to utilize the existing compute hardware interactively with the use of Jupyter Notebooks. This HPC JupyterHub provides customization of Profiles with a variety of programming kernels, software packages, and hardware definitions. This workshop will showcase the HPC JupyterHub service.


Language: English

Capacity: Unlimited.

Duration: 1:30 hours

Target Audience: HPC, Simulation Software and Machine Learning Users.

Requirements: HPC and VPN Account at the RWTH for those intending to use the HPC JupyterHub.


Contact person

Alvaro Frank

RWTH Aachen University