10. December 2021

NHR4CES Team event – this time digitally

After our successful kickoff meeting in Aachen in September, we now digitally discussed the next steps in NHR4CES in a second team event. In preparation for our event, we sent all participants a small goodie bag with helpful materials for the two days. The unanimous highlight of this package were the “Aachener Printen”.

On the first day we focused on our goals and how we intend to achieve them. A highlight was the presentation „NHR – Building a new kind of community“ by Rolf Krause, Head of the NHR Strategy Committee, who gave us insights into NHR as a whole and how that impacts our work in NHR4CES.

Rolf Krause also participated in our discussion on the second day, in which we focused on the interaction of research and scientific support in NHR4CES. Input on the topic was also provided by Bernd Mohr, Head of Cross-Sectional Team Performance Analysis (Research Centre Jülich), Abigail Morrison, Head of Simulation and Data Laboratory Neuroscience (Research Centre Jülich) and Ursula van Rienen, Professor at the Institute for Electromagnetic Field Theory at the University of Rostock and member of the NHR4CES mentoring board.

In a lively discussion we talked about different aspects and approaches of support. We are now looking forward to consider these insights for our work in NHR4CES.

Our goal is to provide the best possible scientific support for the research in the field of Computational Engineering Science. Next year we plan to build on this and also look forward to hopefully having another team event in person soon.

Teamevent, December 2021